Actual text conversation

AJ: Sweet! Let me know when you're in town! Exclamation points!!!
JJ: commas,,,,
AJ: i'm on my period......
JJ: that's questionable????
AJ: you can "quote" me on that
JJ: have you had your: colon checked recently?
AJ: nice one, but I feel like we can # out some more
JJ: are you looking for a certain %age here?
JJ: because i could + some more
AJ: two in a row? That aint =
JJ: you want me to - 1?
AJ: no, just wondering where our dignity is @
JJ: it's certainly < before we started this game
AJ: less dignity, more $
JJ: i think our > moments with this game are coming to an end
AJ: this may be an act of desperation, but this reminds me of my ;ial days
JJ: ha! this game is almost over. i can feel it. things are looking ^
AJ: ¡exclamación!
JJ: i wish i knew the spanish word for ¿question?
AJ: we should [ ] this conversation and call it a day.
JJ: yea. let's / it in the throat
AJ: & thats a wrap.